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Tutta un'altra Storia [A Whole Other Story]

museum education in schools, collaborative filmmaking, 2019

Tutta un'altra Storia (A Whole Other Story) is a short film made by the students of the Liceo Artistico (High School) P. Candiani in Busto Artistizio with Alessandra Ferrini on the themes of the gangmaster system, modern-day slavery and stereotypes of national identity representation. It was developed in the framework of the project Radio Ghetto Relay. On the basis of audio documents from the archives of Radio Ghetto Voci Libere, the students created a series of visual scores that were then edited in a five-chapter essay film, documenting the working conditions of migrants in Italy within the agricultural sector. 

Tutta un'altra storia (A Whole Other Story) is a short video by:

Alice Fattoruso, Debora Prandi, Alekos Recchia, Matilde Sciacca, Erika Sironi, Federica Ghioldi, Serena Lombardo, Irene Manto, Simone Migliavacca, Martina Pitoia, Martina Fichera, Denisse Landivar,Martina Riccio, Christian Vaccaro, Diego Zannin, Bereket Bellini,Micaela Berton, Helena Bettinelli, Luna Brera, Camilla Cavelli, Eva Cannazza, Martina Caputo, Martina Cozza, Melissa Parini, Luca Pravettoni, Alessandro Sidoti 

Commissioned by the education department of Ma*Ga, Museo Arte Gallarate, the contemporary art museum in Gallarate, and realised with the help of Francesca Chiara.

The video was made on the occasion of # STORIE2030 Talking about sustainable development, created and financed by the MIUR-MIBACT National Plan

"Cinema for School".

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