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Non più Eroi! [No More Heroes!]

museum education in schools, collaborative audio-walks, 2022

Artist Alessandra Ferrini, researcher and activist Mackda Ghebremariam Tesfau' and audio producer Marco Stefanelli led class 2B of Liceo Classico (high school) Gioberti in analyzing and re-reading the statues dedicated to five historical figures within the Valentino Park: Massimo D'Azeglio, Carlo Montù, Umberto Cagni, Guglielmo Marconi and Cesare Battisti.

The itinerary is structured around some important questions about the figure of the hero: why were some figures considered heroic? How much do we really know about their history and actions? In a globalized and interconnected world, how do we conceive notions of homeland and heroism? Do we still need heroes?

These reflections inform the audio-walk produced by the students, which is based on and expands Ferrini's previous audio-walk project Tra due rive straniere (Between Two Foreign Shores). 

A map designed by the students from the class 5F of the Institute Albe Steiner (high school) allows the audience to navigate and access the sound trail, while providing further activities to engage with its contents. 


The audio tracks and map (in Italian) are available here.

Commissioned by the education department of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, in the context of the project Verso. Realised thanks to the collaboration of Prof. Enrico Manera (Liceo Gioberti) and Prof. Roberta Fogli (Istituto Albe Steiner)

Class 2B, Liceo Classico Gioberti

Massimo D’Azeglio: Alessia Alushaj, Daniele Beda, Anna Cipro, Alessia Massa

Carlo Montù: Aleksandar Baros, Thomas Di Donato, Aurora Ortalda, Rebecca Rabbita
Umberto Cagni: Aurora Bolla, Sofia Degiuli, Claudio Manca, Emily Scala
Guglielmo Marconi: Elena Caruso, Alice Cosenza, Francesco Fagnano, Vittoria Piana
Cesare Battisti: Francesca Polese, Daniele Reggio, Giorgio Rigazzi, Alice Zanforlin


Class 5F, Istituto Albe Steiner
Mappa: Giorgia Biscaro, Sara Scalia
Busti: Danila Albanese, Giada Pirrone
Impaginazione: Vittoria Picelli, Mattia Zita

Original Music: Alessandro Franco

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