Vital Space

collaboration, 2020


In his Tangier speech, Sarkozy is generous enough to spell out a title for the future/destiny of Europe: Eurafrica. Accessing artist and researcher Alessandra Ferrini’s contribution to EXN Journal - On Black Mediterranean, Vital Space, you will get a detailed excursus on the history of Eurafrican desire, from its original colonial reasoning up to the latest neo-colonial manifestations. Despite the most recent dialectic on the topic, Eurafrica remains an exploitative geo-political project, whose full extent of complexity would be impossible to tackle here. But I could still use the link provided by this last macro-geographical fantasy, to try and address the question underlining this short text. How to approach the Mediterranean, as a panorama of epistemological and political possibilities, beyond the pitfalls of Eurocentric Mediterraneanism?

Extract from Chiara Cartuccia's Mediterranean Imaginaries - published on Ex-Nunc. 



Vital Space is a visual essay published on the online platform Ex-Nunc as part of the Journal on Black Mediterranean. It traces the evolution of the concept of Eurafrica, a term coined by Italian anthropologist Giuseppe Sergi and then employed to drive Italian colonial expansion during the Fascist regime. Simultaneously, despite disappearing from its origin-narrative, it was at the core of European imperial and neo-imperial politics, which led to the foundation of the European Union and its current politics of surveillance and domination within the Mediterranean region.


This contribution stems out of a conversation with Chiara Cartuccia, Ex-Nunc's director, and launches an ongoing collaboration specifically devoted to investigate the complexity of Eurafrican politics and desires, as well as exposing and counteracting Eurocentric notions of the Mediterranean within the contemporary art system. In particular, it will focus on the long-lasting legacy of Sergi's concept of Mediterraneanism.


Access Vital Space here.

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