Resistant Archives

collaboration, 2018


"This cabinet is the result of a workshop held in May 2018 by the curatorial group of Amnistia with the artist Alessandra Ferrini, as part of A Bomb to be Reloaded, her research on ​​the dismembered and forgotten archive of the Frantz Fanon Documentation Center.


The Centre was founded in 1963 in Milan by Giovanni Pirelli (1918-73, grandchild of the founder of the homonymous company), who in 1961 met the Martiniquan psychiatrist and philosopher Fanon in Tunis, becoming his main translator and promoter in Italy. Deeply influenced by Fanon's decolonial thought, Pirelli built a widespread international network to gather and disseminate information on anti-imperialist and liberation struggles in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. The Centre ended its activity in 1967 and then reopened in 1970 as Centro di Ricerca sui Modi di Produzione. Currently, parts of its documents, books and periodicals are found in Milan, scattered between the Institute for the History of the Liberation Movement In Italy, Cox18 and the Panetteria Occupata.

The reconstruction of Giovanni Pirelli’s activities as well as his exchange with Fanon and the anti-colonial movements allowed to reflect on both how to activate archival sources in the present, and on the positioning of engagé western intellectuals in regard to colonialism and decolonization in the 1960s and 1970s."

The workshop focused on practice-based research methodologies, archival research, radical historiography, Third Cinemathe, the aesthetic of resistance, history of anti-colonial movements, militant intellectuals and anti-racism in Italy, as well as reflecting on positioning, whiteness, self-reflexivity, and intersectionality.

Workshop developed for the postgraduate course Coloniality and Visual Culture in Italy at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, led by Barbara Casavecchia, Lucrezia Cippitelli and Simone Frangi. Participants: Matteo Binci, Miriam Canzi, Mariavittoria Casali, Alessandra Fredianelli, Federica Girelli, Gloria Nossa, Noemi Stucchi, Sara Tortolato, Massimo Vaschetto, Claudia Volonterio, Guglielmo Zalukar, Milena Zanetti.