publication, 2016


OutCross (November 2016) is a newspaper that widens the reach of Radio Ghetto Relay by its mean of distribution: 1000 copies were given away to local people in Wroclaw. It is framed by the idea of “outcrossing”, both in terms of content (tracing the movement and cross-fertilizations between people, languages and food) and methodology (the notion of employing translation as political and artistic method). While attempting to translate the video into paper-form, it also presents the research that I conducted in Wroclaw and the result of workshops with young people, part of my residency.

The project was realized in the framework of A-i-R Wro (Wroclaw, Poland) in the context of Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016. Here, this issue was explored and further problematise through workshops with young people. 

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