Notes on Historical Amnesia (pt.2)

installation, 2017

Through a series of film screenings, workshops and seminars exploring different techniques to question photographic representation and historical narratives, I have worked with high school students in order to produce a series of short essay-films based on the archival photographs of the Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935-36 that I have previously employed to produce the film Negotiating Amnesia. For the final exhibition, I have devised a video installation that features both the work produced by the students and my own response to it. The installation uses different screens (tablets and different monitors) and filters (glass and magnifying lenses) in order to force the viewer to continuously re-negotiate his viewpoint and so to shift his/her viewing perspective. Ultimately, the work aims to provoke a reflection on the way historical narratives are created, on issues such as perspective, distance and point of view, as well as on the multiplicity of readings that each archival source can hold.

A pedagogic programme commissioned by MA*GA Museum of Contemporary Art (Gallarate, Italy), taking place between February and May 2017. The installation was exhibited in the exhibition Global Learning (June-September 2017) at MA*GA, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni.